How Dads Over 45 Can Eat And Train
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I teach men over 50 how to get ripped without difficult lifestyle restrictions through a simple Biblical principle.
Are you skeptical? Have no time and no energy? Don’t want major lifestyle change (food or working out)? Have health issues cropping up? Your sex drive slowing? You feel like you're too old and can’t do what is required? Embarrassed to take off shirt (swim with shirt on)? You don't remember who you are being (lost youth)? Mortality setting in? You don't feel like you are who God designed you to be (disrespect for temple)? Can’t eradicate the fitness problem (men were designed to conquer problems)? Frustrated? Lots of money and effort spent and only temporary solutions?

Then my program is for YOU!
  • Made sacrifices to build family and business while being a leader who has lost personal way and fitness has suffered
  • The life + age kicked in and set you even further back
  • Working hard but nothing seems to work
  • Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know
  • Sometimes you don’t even know the right questions to ask
  • ​Have never been more insecure about the way your body looks and feels
  • Don’t even know who is staring back at you in the mirror anymore
  • Not about motivation or willpower (your body will physiologically tell you you’re not hungry)
  • It's not about what you eat and macros are NOT the key (protein, carbs, fats)
  • 99% about protocols of how you eat (sustainable nutritional protocols that are muscle sparring)
  • You can tell your body to burn and strip only the fat and save that precious 50-year-old muscle
  • ​You can still enjoy the foods you love and special occasions 
  • ​A simple Biblical Principle controls everything guaranteeing your success
  • ​The gym is NOT the answer (not even a requirement and you will hit your fat goal)
  • ​You will be able to sustain what you accomplish until you are 100 years old
  • ​You will never pay for fitness help EVER again after graduating from Fit Dad Syndicate
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